Destination: Namibia

Destination: Namibia

“I’m going to Namibia” …

1. Oh. … Nice.

2.  Nambiblia?

3. Riight that’s, uh, isn’t that in southern Africa?

Here’s some context for the curious.

The current president is Hage Geingob.  Perusing the headlines of The Namibian Sun news site ( gave me a good idea what the country is dealing with.  A new law passed, closing shebeens (bars) at 10 PM because that is when drunken crime tends to start.  Hage Geingob is heralded for raising social security payments, and the minimum wage is now US $120 per month and not the average US $60 per month that people make now.  Diabetes is prevalent, and a mythical snake is missing from its grave.

But I want to hear from Namibians, so here are people being interviewed in a city, probably Windhoek.  Thank you Spoo for finding this.

What Namibians like about Namibia

“Namib” means “no people”.  As the second most unpopulated country in the world (after Mongolia) there are not enough cars to make traffic apparently! Yay.

And here’s another perspective, they give a bit of history and show where it is on a map.  After 3:28 they talk about the weather and go into all the animals and plants … for a long time so maybe stop there.

Nat Geo: Jewel of Namibia

This time when I go sandboarding I will wear a helmet.  Looking back I think I had a concussion last time.  Oops.

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