Going to Namibia

Going to Namibia

The long journey going to Namibia from staging in Philadelphia.

April 14, 2015

Going to Namibia
On the plane

Going to Namibia began at 2AM ET from Philly (7AM UCT, a normal day start in Namibia), so I challenged myself to be on Namibia time from now on.

Pleasant coach bus ride to JFK airport. I saw the moon set over the freedom tower and it was beautiful.  Had the sliver and angle of the Dreamworks moon that the kid fishes from.

2PM   Namibia time and we’re at the gate.  So far so good staying awake (coffee + willpower), and I had breakfast for lunch.  It was news to me that they weigh your carry on.  Totally busted for my heavy things.  Pack light when you come visit me.

I made it till 7 PM on the plane.  Went to sleep and woke up after a full nights rest.  Just kidding it was an hour later.

9 PM The stewardess saw me walking around and invited me to yoga stretch while I chatted with her.  She is proud to be studying education and lives in Joburg.  When she glimpsed my Westover ring she was disappointed not to see a diamond.  Then she made fun of a man who wanted to connect to wifi: “Sorry sir but there are no hotspots high over the ocean.  Maybe if my ears worked as antennas”.  Then she told me there was a woman on the plane who swallowed a microphone.  The health professional in me was seriously concerned, but it turns out this was her way of saying the lady is very loud.

3 AM   Claustrophobia.

7AM  Arrive in Joburg.  Assumed the man at the ‘grab-and-go’ counter spoke English, because he nodded and smiled at everything I said.  And there goes my first assumption mistake in the form of a sandwich I didn’t want.

12 PM Made the steward mad at me somehow.  Exhaustion.

2 PM Arrive in Namibia! No people or cities to be seen.  Long stretches of bushes on dirt and a hot hot sun.

3PM 24 hours after leaving New York, we receive fat cakes (greasy very chewy fried dough with raisins) and water (which actually stands for juice, soda and some water).  So far not so healthy.  On the bus ride to the training center we are promised giraffe, baboon, springbok, and kudu, but the only thing I see is a taxidermy shop.

Namibia Peace Corps

Going to Namibia was emotional and tiring, but I’m here.

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  • greg jefremow

    I’m so proud of you. By the way how do I sign in so I can see your video

    • weens

      Thanks uncle Greg 🙂 I accidentally made it private, should work now. I’m doing great, the first two weeks were hectic but I will slowly catch up on the posting.

  • Terry Callahan

    Hi Christine!!!
    I hope all is well!! Sounds like quite an adventure getting there! I didn’t realize there were so many people in the group.

    Sorry I missed your call today; maybe we can catch up this weekend? Take care and be careful!!! Love you!!

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