Budget Travel in Namibia: Top Ten Adventures

Budget Travel in Namibia: Top Ten Adventures

These budget travel adventures are all affordable on a Peace Corps budget, theoretically. Still working on completing all ten adventures!  My favorite ones are the ones with food.

1.  Eat fresh fish, spinach and pap at the Katima market

Budget Travel
Showing off my baskets while I wait for the most delicious meal of my life. Budget travel is easier when a full meal costs $2 USD.

2.  River cruise on the Kavango river in Rundu

budget travel
This is Zambia, but the Kavango region is just as green and beautiful.

3.  Climb the dunes in Sossusvlei

Budget travel
Not Sossusvlei, but a similar dune (Dune 7) outside of Walvis Bay.

4.  Go to the trade fair in Ondangwa (see traditional dances, performances by local artists, and eat traditional food)

Budget travel
Paper mache floats of the different clan animals. I am from the Zebra clan.

5.  Relax at the beach in Swakopmund

Budget travel
The beach at Swakopmund can get a bit cold, but it is very relaxing.

6.  Eat the meat and fresh salsa at single quarter in Windhoek’s Katutura

Budget travel
This isn’t in Windhoek, but I didn’t want to attract attention with a camera.  The real single quarters has rows of grills and the vendors let you taste the freshly braiied meat before you buy.

7.  Hike through Fish River Canyon

Budget travel
The second largest canyon in the world (after the grand canyon), located in southeastern Namibia.

8.  Go on safari in Etosha National Park

budget travel
A somewhat rare sighting. The park is a very open space and whatever happens to be passing the road as you drive is what you see.

9.  Eat Crayfish in Lüderitz

budget travel
I miss Crawfish so much.

10.  Hike Brandberg Mountain + See Cave Paintings

budget travel
The cave paintings that aren’t actually in a cave.  Brandberg is the highest mountain in Namibia.
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  • Barbara Damon

    Loved the sand angel. Very impressed over the Grand Canyon. Being the second largest in the world, it must be huge. Have you been on the Safari, or is it still on your to-do list?

    I envy you this incredible opportunity to see another part of the world.


    • weens

      I go on safari all the time! The national park is only 45 minutes from where I live. That picture of the cheetahs is from when Dan came to visit. It’s also pretty common when you’re driving to see a giraffe or kudu crossing the road.

  • Travis

    Spitzkoppe and Waterberg are also spectacular and budget-friendly.

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