Rain in Namibia Stays Mainly in the Sky

Rain in Namibia Stays Mainly in the Sky

Some combination of everything in Namibia dying from drought and ‘Africa’ by Toto has given me a romantic notion about rain here.

The Situation

The drought has been going on for about four years now.  The safari animals would probably be dead if it weren’t for the artificial watering holes in the game parks.  Most people have lost their cows, goats, and harvests to drought, and entire towns only turn on the water for an hour or two a day to conserve what little is left.  So when it rained last week, it was a big deal.

The Story

It started raining as I came out of the grocery store.  I was happy to get wet because it meant I could sing Toto in my head and feel cool after a hot day.  But what started out as a lil’ wayne, soon became a whole lotta wayne.  As the rain started to pour, the wind picked up and it was soon raining sideways.  My feet slipped in my shoes and my sunscreen was washing into my eyes.

Even with the increased ferocity, I was still having fun.  The last time it rained was almost a year ago and I was happy to feel a change in weather.  It stopped being funny when, as I came halfway through wading across a puddle, the street lamp next to me started sparking. The wire looked like it was going to come loose.  I turned around and ran back.  Thank you every movie where an exposed wire in water kills someone for teaching me how not to get electrocuted.  Right as I stepped out of the puddle, a car pulled up and opened the door. “Get in!”, said my savior.  He had seen the sparks and was just as scared for me as I was.  This nice man took me through the puddle in his car and dropped me at my destination.

This whole event took about ten minutes. Things escalate quickly here.



The Rain in Question

Meet the author / Weens


  • Joy Donohue

    What an interesting story — well done! Wow we really take water for granted here at home… and what a nice ending to your story.

  • Barbara Damon

    Worldwide drought is one of the consequences of global warming. Didn’t you watch Al Gore’s “An Inconvenient Truth” with me? Things have gotten very ugly now that we are stuck with a Republican President who is in denial.


    • weens

      Yes I did, it’s true the drought will only get worse as global warming does. The water restrictions are the worst in the capital because there’s so many people, so I think it could get ugly. They’re only good plan is desalination, but that is super expensive and would take years to implement. There are a lot of people committing suicide because the drought is killing their livelihoods, so I think anything they do now will be too little too late. Just like with global warming I guess. Not to mention the main industry here is cattle, and how much water that uses…

  • Barbara Damon

    If desalination is the answer and they are discouraged over the time it takes to implement, it would be wise to consider the advice about how long it takes to plant a tree. Plant now, there is no better time. I think I should re-read Jared Diamond’s book.

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