Ladies and gentlemen, the sounds of Namibia.

The soundtrack to my new life includes a few different categories:

Songs I Love

1. Collabo – PSquare ft. Don Jazzy

PSquare is a really popular Nigerian artist.  I think he was on Akon’s record label for a while.  Nigeria is a cultural giant in Africa, so many of the popular African songs, movies, and TV shows in Namibia come from Nigeria.

2.  Baninzi – The Soil

The Soil are a South African group with beautiful harmony and catchy beatboxing.  South Africa and Namibia are independent countries, but Namibia remains tied to SA economically, geographically, and in some ways, culturally.


On Repeat in Namibia

Ok now the REAL soundtrack starts.   I can’t tell you how many times I’ve heard the following songs played since I came to Namibia 9 months ago.  I might have liked them the first few times, but now we need these artists to pump some new hits into our blood.

1. Shumaya – Dbn Nyts ft. Zinhle Ngidi

A South African group.  An interview they did said that ‘Shumaya’ is a slang word used in the townships of Durban, but I’m not sure what it means.

2. Duro – Teknomiles

Teknomiles is another Nigerian artist.  Nigeria is the most populated country in Africa, and Nollywood (Nigerian Hollywood) is competing closely with Hollywood and Bollywood.


3.  Sweetie – Heavy-K ft. Nokwazi

Heavy-K is from South Africa, and this song has to be the most popular of the ones I listed here. I could sing ‘eh Sweetie Sweetie, aaahhh’ in my sleep.


4. Aye – Davido

Nigerian artist, also played ALL the time on the soundtrack.

Strictly Namibian

There are a ton of popular songs by Namibian artists too, but they aren’t online.  One of my favorites goes “ee-ee oimaliwa, ee-ee oimaliwa”.  This is oshiwambo for “yes money, yes money”.  Instead of online the songs are either on CDs or floating around the country from phone to phone.  But here are a few less popular ones so you can get a general feel for the Namibia groove.

1. Kwiku – Tate Buti

Singing in Oshiwambo, the largest tribe in Namibia.

2. #Khawab – Jaliza

This song is in Damara, also known as the ‘click language’, one of the two most popular languages in Outjo.  Please watch and learn that the language is not made up exclusively of clicks.  That would be like speaking in morse code, which takes forever.


Those I Found Along the Way

I had a lot of fun finding these songs.  Here are some of the ones where I loved the video, the song or both.  You know you don’t want this African music fest to end.

1.  Mansa – Blsa Kdei

Heavily influenced by hipsters.

2.  Nasema Nawe – Diamond Platnumz ft. Khadja Kopa

Cool because it became popular without using English (except for a bit).  And for what I thought was physically impossible control over one’s butt.


3. Woju – Kiss Daniel

Just for fun.

Still haven’t had enough?  Try looking here for the latest in African music.

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