Rasta Matter Honey?

Rasta Matter Honey?

First time adding hair to my hair. Rasta style.

Fake hair is a part of the culture I didn’t fully understand until I physically attached it to my head. Once I did, I realized there is so much more to it than a change in hairstyle.

First, the price.  It cost me N$ 210 ($13 USD) to buy the hair, and normally would cost another N$ 200 to have it braided, but Marcelina did it for free because she’s my friend.  Time was about five hours of braiding.

In the U.S. these prices are much, much higher.  The Chris Rock documentary “Good Hair” does an amazing look into the industry, and found that women can spend up to $5,000 USD per visit to the salon, and that the industry is worth $9 billion a year in America alone.  I can’t imagine how big it is once you factor in Africa.

Second, the reactions:

  • Is that a wig? Do you take it off at night? (Dan)
  • Pssst hey YOU! YOU A REAL AFRICAN WOMAN NOW. (Nurse at hospital)
  • Wow you look beautiful up close. (Creepy man)
  • Real African rasta lady. (Doctor at hospital)
  • I’m sorry I came late to work, I can’t sleep at night. (Me)

Third, the problem.  I have a new sleep dependence on Ibuprofen.  All these giant things sticking out of my head make me want to either dip my scalp in cold lotion or remove it all together.

Once I felt the constant soreness, I had trouble understanding something I had just accepted before, that 90% of women here do this every month.  For their entire life!  It’s a whole new version of “Beauty is Pain”.

At the end of the day though I really like the look, and feel like I fit in more.  Unfortunately fake hair isn’t calculated into our living allowance, so I will only return to it once I’ve forgotten how painful it is.


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  • Haley Callahan

    didn’t think you would go for the fake hair but I love it!!! looks very stylish 🙂 you should definitely have this in when we all see you again haha

  • Diana

    I love the look..😍😍😍😍

  • Sven

    Love the reactions haha! Why is it so much cheaper there than here?

    • weens

      I don’t really know, but if I had to guess I’d say a combination of a larger market, the one I got is lower quality (so people with money pay more like $300 USD for hair), if it were that expensive here nobody would be able to buy it, and some other economic thing I don’t know about.

  • Barbara Damon

    When I was younger we wore rollers with brushes in our hair at night. There was no way to sleep without pain. Being into comfort, I gave up on that hairstyle. Is this on a par with Japanese women who used to bind their feet?

    • weens

      I don’t think it’s quite as bad as all that, the pain went away after a few days and I don’t think there will be any lasting effects. I can’t blame you for giving up on that style, now I understand why it went out of fashion. Always wondered about that.

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