I’m Coming Now

I’m Coming Now

Here are some words/phrases you will need if you want to speak Namlish (the Namibian version of English).

Without a computer I have been lagging on the posts.  But never fear, a new charger has been smuggled in by a fellow volunteer.  Soon I’ll be back to binge watching Seinfeld.

Maybe because of no TV and little in person America time I’ve been starting to forget how to speak like an American.  It took me two days to remember what that box that turns red yellow and green for cars is called. (I was stuck on street lamps but that felt wrong).


Namlish How It’s Used


Ne? We all know why we’re here, ne?

Right? / Ya know?

Bots They installed the bots last year

Stop lights

Mos “m-oh-s” C’mon mos, you know how it is


Diary No appointments in my diary

Daily Planner

Aaye “ai-yay” Aaye, I’m not doing that

No way

Enjoying She’s really enjoying tonight

Drinking and having fun

Bakkie “bah-key” Climb in the back of the bakkie

Pickup truck

Hello mama Hello mama, how are you

Hello dear

Learners Let’s get the learners together


Not serious He is not serious

A joker

Nicely “niiiicely” We immunized them niiicely

Use to emphasize an action be done well

I’m coming now. (As I leave the room) I’m coming now

I’ll be back, eventually

I’m coming now now now (As I leave the room) I’m coming now now now

I’ll be back in a minute

Combi “koom-bee” I’m gunna take a combi to Swakop

Mini bus

Can you help me…? Can you help me a dollar?

Can I have…?

Can you borrow me…? Can you borrow me your phone?

Can I borrow…?

If you want to know about the other languages spoken in Namibia, you’ll find them here.

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